Brand development for Meraki

Meraki Ladies Beauty Lounge is a beauty salon in Dubai that offers treatments ranging from manicures to skincare to haircare. Meraki came to us before the launch of their salon to create a logo and a brand that would set them apart and inaugurate them as an extraordinary destination that is not just another salon but is a fun place to be.

When coming up with descriptive words to describe Meraki's personality, "Colourful, contemporary, young and fun" immediately came to mind. To start, we created a mood board with images that best represented the salon and the type of customers Meraki caters to.

Meraki mood board

With the mood board and color palette complete, the next step was to design a logo for Meraki. The goal behind this project was to create a contemporary, yet playful logo that would appeal to the young customers, Meraki was targeting. Since Meraki is such a unique concept, the everyday "girl", "makeup" or "brush" icon wasn't going to cut it for their logo design. Meraki's logo needed to make a bold statement and have its own unique symbol that separated it from other beauty salons. We created a logo that truly resonates with the brand's concept and personality.

Meraki Logo Design

Once the logo was finalised, we also designed the marketing collateral, including brochure, flyer, posters, product labels, wall stickers, signage, and door panels. The end result was a brand that lives up Meraki's personality across all touch points, from logo, to signboard.

Meraki Brochure Design
Meraki Flyer Design

Meraki wall art design

We created beautiful wall art to decorate the salon's walls. The 'Hello Gorgeous' design was placed behind the reception desk as a warm welcome to the clients. The 'Meraki Definition' wall art was placed on the waiting area wall and was matched with the pastel colours and contemporary look of the waiting area.

We also managed the entire printing job and signage creation for Meraki Ladies Beauty Lounge.

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